Back to School :)

Woo! So today was my first day of term 2 at performing arts school! I had a really great day and it was great to get back into the swing of things!

To start off the day we had auditions for our repertoire piece this term West Side Story! I was in group four to audition (which happened to be the last group) and went in with about 11 other girls whom I go to school with. The first song that we had to sing was America. The first two girls went and got to sing through the entire piece (which only goes for about a minute) but when it came to me I was cut off about halfway through. This stressed me out a little bit because I thought that maybe I just wasn’t what they wanted and that I wouldn’t get a part (everybody gets into the show).

They got through the rest of the line and then asked us to chat among ourselves while they made some decisions as to what to do next. They then called two of us forward to sing Somewhere as a bit of a callback. I was one of the girls to be chosen and the other girl I was with is super sweet and talented and so it was a little nerve racking! We first sang the song together, then I sang it solo and after that she sang it solo. I think I let my nerves get the better of me and I didn’t sing it to my fullest potential! I also can’t quite reach some of the top notes though so I don’t think I’ll be cast anyway.

After we both sang we were asked to step back in line, when the other girl was asked to come forward and sing I Feel Pretty on her own, meaning that she probably got the part over me, which is okay because it’s a great part for her as she suits it really well!

When she had finished singing the next song they called two girls forward to sing for Rosalinda and Anita. The first two girls were really good! The then called on me again to sing for the part of Anita and chose another girl to try for Rosalinda too! I think I did better in this one as I wasn’t quite so nervous and it’s more in my range! After me they called forward another two girls who were also really good in the parts! I’m really curious to see how they’ll end up casting the show because I think no matter who they go with the performance will still be top notch!

That completed the singing portion of the audition and we then had to wait for our dance call. Once we were called in they split us into 3 groups of 3 or 4 people each where I was put in the first group. We did a routine to Cool that we had learnt last term and did it twice in front of the audition panel. I was right up the front of my group of four and couldn’t really see how the other girl’s in my audition did. I felt pretty good about my dancing though. We then had to do a double ballet pirouette on the right and left which I faltered in a little. The turns themselves were good however I bobbled on both closings – especially the one on the left. Kindly though one of the people on the audition panel said to me not to stress and that there was a lot of good things between the beginning and the end of each turn! I wasn’t the only one to wobble though, and no one in my audition group had perfect pirouettes!

That ended the audition process for today and I can’t wait until tomorrow to see how they cast it!

After lunch I had yoga. I think yoga’s supposed to be really relaxing but for me it just hurt! My back hurt, my knees hurt, my wrists hurt – you name it and it probably hurt! It also probably didn’t help that I had no idea what was going on! Here’s the teacher saying stuff like windmill to warrior pose and I’m trying to like hold a spear or something while everyone else is in a lunge! I suck at yoga! The teacher was really nice though and did a really good job at giving equal attention to everybody. I really liked having her and hope that she’ll come back (and hopefully teach something besides yoga…)!

Final class of the day was improvisation which was fun! We had this really great teacher who is very outspoken about what we’re doing wrong and what we can improve on! I really liked him and the class was super fun to go to! As soon as we started acting the entire class was in stitches! I loved his class and can’t wait to go back next week!