And then there were three?

So the pain in the arse Blondie is at it again today with not one but two reasons to hate her even more.

First things first – the mailbox key. We have one key for our apartment and Blondie has claimed it as hers. Well enough’s enough and Midge went and asked her to put the key on our communal key rack in the kitchen but Blondie refused! And it would probably be okay if Blondie didn’t also take our mail! Like today Guy asked Blondie if his letter had shown up and she said yes, it was in her room and had been in there since Friday! Keep in mind it’s now Monday! And I honestly don’t trust her not to have opened and read my mail already! God knows the bitch lies like a rug!

Secondly the parking incident. Now Blondie and I are the only two who have cars in Sydney and as part of the unit we have tandem parking (meaning one car behind the other). Blondie has been parking in the rear car park so that I have to go and park in visitor as I’ve been doing for 15 weeks now. So today I decided that since I pay for that car park that maybe for once I should treat Blondie like she treat’s me and go park in the rear space and make her park in visitor! So out comes Bitch Blondie again who is entitled to having everything her way and says that this isn’t fair, even though it was perfectly fair when I had to climb two extra flights of stairs every time I drove my car and calls her mother who tries to bully me into letting Princess Blondie park there again. So her mother contacts my mother as well as the mothers of Guy and Midge and the 4 of us through FaceBook messanger. She makes all these bold accusations of me unplugging the kettle when Blondie was using it and keeps saying that I’m refusing to move my car (which mind you I kind of was), most of which are lies. But I try to keep my cool and I reply that – and I quote – “Obviously this wasn’t the best way to handle the situation of the car park. I will talk to [Blondie] about that. As for this whole kettle stuff. I know nothing about that but I will talk about that with [Blondie] as well”. Fairly mature if you ask me. Now their best come back about the car park is that it’s a double car park – which it is – however for the last 15 weeks despite both me and Midge asking her to move her car forward she refuses clearly demonstrating that only one of us can park there. So I try to suggest to Blondie in person that since she parked there for the first term of school for this next term it’s probably fair if I can park there and she park in visitor, but no. This does not suit the selfish spoilt Blondie and so WW3 erupts. But I’m not going to fight so I call my mum and leave (moving my car out of the car park). However Blondie’s mother has written twice more in the group chat that – and again quoting here – “Just letting everybody know that Georgie refused to move her car again”! I honestly cannot believe that this is a grown woman that is saying this! Clearly an old high school bully if you ask me! Any way, from this point on I let my mum handle it – Blondie’s mum clearly wasn’t listening to me anymore and this is what was said:


Convo 24 April Part 1Convo 24 April Part 2

(The red is Blondie, the blue is Blondie’s mother and the black is my mum). Clearly Blondie and her mother are both very nasty people and lie about everything – for example cars being towed from visitor (it’s underground car parking – you couldn’t get a tow truck in there!) and will fight like animals until they get what they want.

On the bright side – Blondie is threatening to move out because the 3 of us – despite tiptoeing on eggshells – have upset her way too much and she can’t deal.

I’m saying her or me – and If I go Midge’s mum says she goes too and I don’t think Guy will be sticking around!

As for the parking? Well you guessed it, I’m still stuck parking in visitor