First blog post

Welcome to your tape. Okay, okay… predictable I know but I had to!

What I meant to say is welcome to my blog – The Bored Adventures of Georgie all about the adventures I go on when I’m bored! Most of the time they’re nothing too exciting but just you wait!

Okay, so a little bit about me! I’m Georgie – an 18 year old who lives in Sydney, Australia where I am currently studying performing arts. I’m also a brunette cause I know you’re all curious!

So what’s happened today?

Well my roommate’s boyfriend drank my milk. Again. And I’m pretty pissed about it. Why? Well because this particular roommate is the worst thing about living in Sydney.

There’s 4 of us under one very small roof. We all go to school together, we’re all in the same classes and the 3 of them all knew each other for years before we all moved in together. Blondie (girlfriend of the milk drinker) has to be the biggest pain in the ass. She’s super self centred and always has something to winge about. Midge is the other girl in the house. We do pretty much everything together. We share a bathroom, grocery shop together and wake each other up for school – I think it’s really nice. Then there’s Guy who’s the only boy in our apartment. He’s pretty chill and the three of us (minus Blondie) all get along really well together – although maybe we just bond over our dislike of Blondie.

Anyway, Blondie’s boyfriend was here for a couple of days (he comes pretty frequently) and like always he drank our milk – without asking and without offering to replace it or anything. And it’s not like he just had a splash in his cup of tea or something, no he used it everyday for his cereal and his cup of tea so half the bottle was gone. The milk even had a label on it to say that it was mine and Midge’s.

I guess that’s just another thing to add to the list as to why Blondie’s a pain in the ass.

Anyway, after the whole milk scenario Blondie took her boyfriend to put him on the plane to go back to where he lives and the rest of us had dinner together (we all cooked for ourselves but ate at the table together). We talk about the weirdest most random stuff in this house and its my favourite thing ever! Midge and Guy are just some of the best people you could ever talk to!

That’s pretty much it for today. We’ll see what happens tomorrow 🙂