Finding Inspiration

Today I cleaned my room.


That’s a bit of an overstatement because really, I tried to clean my room but I got awfully sidetracked. Mainly by one of my new Keri Smith books – “The Line”.

There it was, sitting on my bed, with it’s pristine, white cover, practically begging me to draw and scribble all over it.

And me, having little to know will power whatsoever caved and did it.

I’m not going to lie, it’s a good book. Even if I am only like a quarter of the way through it (there’s no page numbers other wise I would tell you what page I’m on). And it’s just kinda intriguing to do, I mean you’re not allowed to look ahead so each new page is a surprise with new, never before read instructions, which I won’t spoil incase someone out there stumbles upon this who wants to read “The Line” in the future. Although, I’m not really sure read is the right word….

Now as for the room. It’s not spotless yet, but it’s not too bad. It’s mostly just craft stuff – like crayons and random bits of elastic and things that once contained the letter W. Plus some random dance shoes here and there that just need to be put in their rightful place. Most of the dance stuff is just in a bag, waiting for school to start again because it would normally live in my locker. But because we’ve just had summer holidays and are changing from 1st year to 2nd year we had to hand back in our keys and thus empty our lockers. And I of course am the type of person who has a whole heap of spare supplies in there – spare leotard, tap shoes, a full emergency kit with a 47 piece screwdriver, flashlight and false eyelashes – all of which had to come home at the end of last year.

Which pretty much means it’s sitting in the middle of my floor waiting to go back, most of it overflowing out of the holes in the side of my poor, old, worn out dance bag.

As for the craft stuff. It has a home, I just don’t want to put it away cause I’m right in the middle of completing my first wreck this journal and I need it. And I know that as soon as I put something away it will be exactly what I need to complete the page I want to do.

And sure. I probably could organise it a little, but isn’t it way more fun to have this creative explosion everywhere??

The ‘mum’ voice in me definitely disagrees with that.

But that’s okay. Cause there’s always tomorrow and it is a whole lot better than it was.

Anyway, that’s all from me for today. More adventures to come 🙂